Based on a true story

I rarely do art critics but I think that this was long overdue, I offer my apologies to all those art purists who see my lack of interest towards most artistic fields.
What's worst than watching a movie and realizing at the end that it was based on a true story?

I always have thought that it most take an amazing amount of lack of imagination to appreciate a play/novel/movie that is based on a true story. Isn't the biggest fabricated lie also the most conceivable.

A personal hero of mine is greek historian Herodotus, he was famous for writing accounts about places he had never visited. Making out people bigger than life and making up accounts of thousands of winged snakes that protect the trees of Arabia.

His main purpose was to make a good story however false it may be.

This is why I'd rather stick to my 1001 nights accounts of the Persian empire where flying carpets, talking monkey's and magical caves exist than to go back there and face the despotic regime, amount of pollution and religious zeal pf Iran.

Also why I'd rather believe Dinesen's Out of Africa, than to go to Kenya and face the genocides, drug lords and corruption.

The greater the lie, the better the artist.
I'd don't need news anymore, just the bunch of lies gathered in a novel.

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